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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that are constantly replenished – like sunlight, wind and rain. 

The main types of renewable energy are:

Wind - using wind turbines that drive generators to produce electricity 

Solar - capturing energy from sunlight and converting it into electrical energy

Hydro - building a dam to control the flow of water, driving generators to produce electricity

Renewable energy is good for business

For most businesses, switching to renewable energy is the single most important step they can take to reduce their carbon impact. 

That’s because using non-renewable electricity and gas is the biggest source of carbon emissions for a typical businesses. 

Every year, the average business supplied by Bulb lowers their carbon impact by 5.4 tonnes of CO2. Find out how we calculate our carbon impact.

When you join Bulb, we’ll send you a certificate and stickers to help you shout about the efforts your business is making to reduce its carbon impact.

Affordable renewable energy

People used to say that you could have green energy or cheap energy, but not both at once. That’s no longer true: the cost of renewable energy has fallen over the past few years, and continues to drop. 

This shouldn’t be a surprise: once a wind or solar farm is up-and-running, the running costs are much lower than a traditional power plant. Increased competition and advances in technology are pushing prices down even more. 

Despite this, many business energy suppliers still charge a premium for renewable energy, so many businesses choose to stick with energy generated from fossil fuels. 

But Bulb believes energy should be both affordable and green. That's why we never charge extra for renewable energy. It's the best of both worlds.  

Where our renewable energy comes from

We think it's important that you know where your energy comes from. We supply 100% renewable electricity from a mixture of generation types including wind, solar and hydro. Plus, our gas is 100% carbon neutral.  

Bulb’s renewable electricity

Wherever we can, we partner with renewable generators to purchase their electricity directly. Where we can't, we buy electricity from the market and match every unit with a certificate to guarantee a unit of renewable electricity is put onto the grid. We also work with trusted partners like SmartestEnergy who connect us with their own community of renewable generators. Find out more about our renewable electricity.

Bulb’s carbon neutral gas

Our gas is 100% carbon neutral. 4% is green gas produced from renewable sources like food or farm waste, and we offset the rest by supporting verified carbon reduction projects across the world.

Find out more about:

Bulb’s green gas

Bulb’s carbon offset gas