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Our EV Tariff has two rates for electricity - an off peak rate between 2am and 6am, and a standard rate for the rest of the day. Our app makes it easy to smart charge your car to make the most of off-peak hours, too.

Check EV Tariff rates in your area


These prices are for London. Enter your postcode to check the electricity rates for your area.


We're still trialling our EV Tariff, and you can’t join Bulb on the EV Tariff right now.

If you’re already a Bulb member, and you have an eligible smart meter, you’ll see the option to switch your electricity tariff in your Bulb account. If you don’t have a smart meter yet, you can book a smart meter installation today.

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One app to keep track

No need to wake up early for those low EV Tariff rates, just plug your car in when you get home and the Bulb app will take care of the rest.

  • Schedule smart charging

  • Track your charging costs

  • See your available mileage

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Fill your car with sunshine

We supply 100% renewable electricity from wind, solar and hydro power as standard. So you can sleep happy in the knowledge that you’re charging your car with some of the greenest juice around.

Read more in our guide to charging your electric car at home.

EV Tariff rates in more detail

Your rates for electricity depend on where you live.

This table shows the price per kWh, including VAT.

RegionOff-peak hours (2am to 6am)Standard hours (all other times)Standing charge (daily)
North Western6.30p23.72p24.46p
North Scotland7.44p24.51p27.47p
South Scotland6.90p23.95p24.94p
Merseyside and North Wales7.49p25.61p23.58p
South Eastern5.85p25.39p24.11p
East Midlands6.16p24.07p23.84p
South Western7.07p25.26p25.74p
South Wales7.28p24.76p24.94p