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Car charging made simple

We’re trialling an EV Tariff and new app features. Get early access today.

The Bulb app's smart charging feature for EVs


Smart charge with the Bulb app



Off-peak rates for 4 hours every night


Fill your car with 100% renewable electricity

Cheaper charging overnight

With super low cost electricity between 2am and 6am every night, our EV Tariff can help you save money while you’re fast asleep. Our app makes it easy to smart charge your car to make the most of off-peak hours, too.


These prices are for London. Enter your postcode to check the electricity rates for your area.


Be one of the first to switch

We’re trialling our EV Tariff. All you need is a compatible smart meter to get started. We’ll check this using your address when you click ‘Get a quote.’ If we don’t ask about your EV, it means your meter isn’t eligible just yet.

Already a Bulb member? Switch your electricity tariff or book a smart meter installation in your Bulb account.

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Bulb app



One app to keep track

No need to wake up early for those low EV Tariff rates, just plug your car in when you get home and the Bulb app will take care of the rest.

  • Schedule smart charging

  • Track your charging costs

  • See your available mileage

Compatible with:


If your electric vehicle isn't listed, you can still sign up to our EV Tariff and charge your car with your usual app.

Fill your car with sunshine

We supply 100% renewable electricity from wind, solar and hydro power as standard. So you can sleep happy in the knowledge that you’re charging your car with some of the greenest juice around.

Read more in our guide to charging your electric car at home.