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Offset your carbon footprint from as little as £3 a month

Find out the size of your impact on the planet, then how much it'd cost to offset it by funding carbon reduction projects around the world.

Offset your footprint
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Work out your footprint in 3 minutes

Answer a few simple questions about your day-to-day life, from the food you eat to the things you buy. Our calculator then adds up all the carbon emissions they produce, to estimate your carbon footprint for the year.

Pay monthly to offset your carbon footprint

The average footprint in the UK costs about £7 a month to offset with Bulb. Yours may be smaller if, say, you've switched to green energy. Or bigger, if you fly loads. Whatever the cost, your money funds projects reducing carbon emissions around the world.

Work out how big your carbon footprint is

Fund projects to cut carbon emissions in the atmosphere by the same amount

Balance out your carbon footprint

The projects you'll support

Your money will help protect the Gola rainforest in Sierra Leone, provide clean cookstoves in Ghana and Kenya, and support wind and solar energy in India.

Planet Earth

Gola rainforest

Protecting biodiversity and trees in Sierra Leone


Getting down to detail

How we work out your carbon footprint

Our calculator may be simple to use, but there's some complicated maths behind it. We asked Imperial Consultants to get some independent researchers from Imperial College London to double-check our workings.

How we choose our projects

We only support projects having a lasting impact on carbon levels and verified by international standards.

What all the words mean

We've done our best not to use technical terms. But sometimes we just can't help it. Here's what they mean.

And of course, the small print

Our terms and conditions tell you everything you need to know from a legal perspective.