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Helping protect the climate

Carbon offsetting balances out the carbon emissions we create by reducing emissions elsewhere in the world. Of course, it'd be better to cut our collective emissions completely. But until that's possible, offsetting is an immediate and impactful way to fight the climate crisis.

At Bulb, we add up the carbon footprint of all the gas our members use. Then we buy offsets to fund projects that cut emissions in the atmosphere by the same amount. And we can help you to offset your personal carbon footprint, too. Here's the low-down on the offsetting projects we support.

Generating renewable energy in India and Turkey

Wind and solar farm projects are helping India and Turkey to meet rapidly increasing energy demand without burning fossil fuels. As well as making green energy more available and more affordable, each project has outreach programmes to provide skilled jobs and infrastructure for local communities.

Image: EcoAct

Protecting the rainforest in Borneo

The Pulau Borneo project has stopped thousands of hectares of rainforest from being converted into palm oil plantations in Indonesia. As well as preventing deforestation, the project has protected critically-endangered species and supported local communities to create sustainable businesses that work in harmony with the rainforest.

Image: InfiniteEARTH

Developing geothermal energy in Indonesia

Indonesia has some of the world’s largest geothermal reserves. Water that’s naturally heated underground can be extracted as steam, which powers a turbine to create clean and affordable electricity. Santosa Geothermal is a power plant in West Java, and it's using funding from carbon offsets to build geothermal turbine generators to displace electricity produced from fossil fuels.

Image: EcoAct

Preserving biodiversity in Kenya

The Neema Forestry Program aims to protect the forest and create sustainable local jobs based in and around Tsavo National Park. The project keeps CO2 locked up in Kenya’s trees, and prevents over 1.5 million tonnes of CO2e from reaching our atmosphere every year. It also supports local communities to create new sustainable industries, like farming forest-friendly jojoba oil for use in cosmetics.

Image: Wildlife Works

Making a difference

Not all offsetting schemes are equal. So we work with EcoAct to select projects that really are helping to reduce carbon emissions, and give the planet a well-earned breather.

All of the projects we support are verified by the international Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard or the UNFCCC's Clean Development Mechanism, meaning they're regularly audited to check any reductions in carbon emissions they make are sustained over time and on top of what would've happened without them.

And as well as tackling carbon emissions, these projects create skilled jobs in local communities and conserve precious biodiversity around the world.