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At Bulb, we want to hire skilled, diverse and driven Engineers that live our values. Our hiring process is designed to attract the right Engineers for the job.

It’ll take around 10 days to complete.

  • Stage 1: Phone interview

  • Stage 2: Take-home technical challenge

  • Stage 3: Technical interview

  • Stage 4: Planning & delivery interview

  • Stage 5: Meet the CTO or Engineering Manager

  • Stage 6: Meet the team

Will I get feedback?

Yes! Your Bulb Recruiter will be your point of contact throughout the process, and will give you detailed feedback after each stage. The feedback will tie in with our career progression framework which will be shared with you after the phone interview.

Which team will I join?

You’ll find out which teams are hiring in the initial phone interview. If you have a preference, let the Recruiter know and we can do our best to accommodate.

The decision is based on:

  • Urgency of the team’s priorities

  • Your skills and level of experience

  • Team fit

Stage 1: Phone interview

20 mins

If you’ve impressed us with your application, the screening call with your Bulb Recruiter is your next opportunity to sell yourself. You’ll have 20 minutes to show you have the right skills and attitude for the role, and that your values align with ours. Remember we are ‘Answer First,’ so try to keep your responses concise and to the point.

Stage 2: Take-home technical challenge

~ 2 hours

Your Bulb Recruiter will send you a technical test through Geektastic. The test has been designed by our Engineering team. We use Geektastic to provide you feedback more quickly.

This test will look for:

  • Problem solving

  • Clean code

  • Communication

Stage 3:

System design interview (Javascript only)

90 mins

The aim of this interview is to be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses when designing a working solution to a business requirement. This will be related to Bulb. Please familiarise yourself with ahead of the interview.

Technical interview (Python only)

90 mins

We’ll ask you to complete a refactoring exercise based around the technical challenge. The aim of this interview is to get a better understanding of your technical experience and how you talk someone through your code & decision making.

Stage 4: Planning & delivery interview

60 mins

The purpose of this interview is to evaluate your work experience. We would recommend thinking of examples from the last year where you’ve been directly involved in the planning and delivery of a feature or project. We would also like to hear about your experience dealing with an operational incident.

One of our values is Data Wins, so bear this in mind when talking about your examples. The interview will be competency-based, and we’ll want to know how you’ve added business value in your previous role(s).

Stage 5: Meet the CTO or Engineering Manager

45 mins

This will be an opportunity to find out how your experience could fit into the Bulb team. We recommend thinking about why you would like to be part of Bulb’s journey and preparing any questions you would like to ask.

Stage 6: Meet the team

30 mins

A chance for you to meet some of your future colleagues, ask them questions and gain a feel for our culture.

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