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We want Bulb to be an inclusive, fair, and diverse workplace. Inclusive means providing the support everyone needs to take advantage of opportunities, and creating a safe environment where you can be yourself. Fair means addressing needs on an individual basis. Diverse means our employees reflect the wider society in which we live.

Our 18 Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) champions help us to make sure our employees are empowered through equal opportunities, representation, and respect. You can speak to a champion about anything D&I related. To learn more about what they do, meet 2 of our D&I champions, Elle and Mary.

Elle Melrose, Priority Service Lead

Bulb is a vibrant and diverse place to work, and ‘Action this Day’ is a prominent value of ours. Being a part of D&I involves recognising current issues, planning for the future with a calendar of celebrations, as well as making quick changes based on current events.

Our most recent D&I event facilitated a discussion about the safety of women, as a reaction to the tragic deaths of Sarah Everard and Blessing Olusegun. Around 75 Bulb employees joined the after-work event, and in small working groups we identified quick wins, as well as long-term plans to support the safety, inclusion and empowerment of the women we work alongside.

We’ve also established the Women’s Mentorship Program. It’ll take 108 years to fully close the gender gap worldwide, but we are making changes every day to make sure everyone at Bulb has an equal chance of success. My next focus is on unbiased internal applications, working with our People team to ensure a policy is in place for removing any possible conscious or self-conscious prejudice.

Being a part of D&I is understanding that diversity and inclusion are two different things. Ensuring an unbiased and fair system that gives all employees equal opportunities is something that we strive for. I’m very happy to say I’m a part of the team at Bulb who does this.

Mary Gudman, Software Engineer

Being a D&I champion means that you get to meet with other people passionate about diversity, and together you can suggest, discuss and work on initiatives that make sure that Bulb is an inclusive, fair and diverse workplace.

We are aware that the Tech Industry is not exactly diverse at the moment for a number of reasons. So we are working on several initiatives, like improving recruitment and promotion practices, opening up opportunities to people from different academic backgrounds, mentorship programmes, and more.

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