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Matt Garner, Product Manager, London

I’m a Product Manager at Bulb, focused on our web account and mobile app. It’s my mission to ensure we’re finding the things that drive members to contact us, and that we’re working out how members can do everything they need to themselves. Whether that's submitting a meter reading or understanding how their energy usage has changed.

I joined Bulb in 2017 as an Energy Specialist when we were just a small startup with big ambitions. I’ve had the opportunity to work in lots of different teams. At first I was leading dedicated groups of Energy Specialists to help our members directly, then I helped the operations team figure out how to avoid problems altogether. Now I help Bulb build the best products for our members today and in the future.

Bulb has grown a lot since I first set foot in a tiny office in Shoreditch – but some things have stayed the same.

  • Every day I work with fantastic, warm, deeply passionate people who all want Bulb to achieve our mission (even if we’re all working remotely at the moment!)

  • It’s fast paced but rewarding - there are always new frontiers to explore and new challenges to solve.

  • Every day I can come to work and do my bit to help on an important mission, lowering bills for everyone and lowering our carbon emissions.

Ellie Rossuck, Software Engineer, London

I'm a Software Engineer at Bulb, working in the team responsible for building and maintaining the tools our Energy Specialists use. I spend my time building new features and products, improving the quality of the tools we already have, and talking to Energy Specialists about what works and doesn't work for them.

I started at Bulb in March 2017 as an Energy Specialist myself, before moving to leading teams of Energy Specialists and then transitioning into Bulb's Engineering team through an internal Software Engineering internship. It's been an incredible journey!

I love working at Bulb first and foremost because of the people. We have a brilliant team of smart, motivated people who all care deeply about Bulb's mission. My career highlights have got to be the move to Engineering, and being the voice of Bulb: from 2018 through to 2021, I was the voice you'd hear if you called us up!

Carlos Salcedo de Zarraga, Business Lead, Bulb Spain

I was part of the start-up team in Spain, so I have worked in almost every area of the business (Product, Operations, Regulation, Wholesale, Experience).

My main focus is:

  • Ensuring that our operational processes run smoothly

  • Developing products that excite our members and that help our team to serve our members

  • Staying on top of regulatory obligations and submitting any information required by regulatory bodies (e.g. market regulator, energy ministry, local entities)

I started as an ES within the UK team back in November 2018. I was given the opportunity to start working full time within the International team 4 months after that and helped with the launch of the 3 first countries as well as the planning exercise for the second wave. 6 months after that, I was on a plane to Spain to start working on Bulb Spain from the ground.

I have always been impressed with the values and work ethic of the people at Bulb. If I had to choose some career highlights, I would pick 4 moments.

  • My first phone call with a member during my first week at Bulb

  • Enrolling the first member for Bulb Spain

  • Issuing the first bill in Bulb Spain with our brand new billing system

  • The launch of Bulb Account for International

The transition to remote working was actually a very easy process, the Spanish team at the time of lockdown was fairly small (less than 10 people) so we started to use hangouts and Slack more intensively to ensure communications stayed open and fast for everyone.

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