Where does Bulb source its energy?


Our Fuel Mix

Energy suppliers are required to purchase enough electricity to feed into the national grid to cover the amount their customers take out. At the end of each financial year (which runs from April to March), all suppliers have to let the regulator, Ofgem, know the amount of electricity they have purchased from what source: coal, gas, nuclear and renewables. 

We make sure that each unit of electricity supplied to our members is matched 100% with electricity generated from renewable sources. Every unit of renewable electricity is accompanied with an Ofgem accredited and snazzily named Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. REGOs enable the regulator to verify the amount of renewable electricity supplied by each supplier.


The average kWh of electricity in the UK generates 290g of carbon dioxide emissions and 0.007g of high level radioactive waste. 

At Bulb, our 100% renewable electricity leads to zero carbon dioxide emissions and no radioactive waste. 

For an average sized home which uses 3,100 kWh of electricity per year, that amounts a to a reduction of 899 kg of carbon emissions and 22g of radioactive waste per year by switching to Bulb. 

To date, Bulb has supplied 4,490,000 kWh of electricity. Producing this much electricity from 100% renewable sources rather than the UK average fuel mix saves 1,302 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and 31 kg of radioactive waste. 

Not only do we supply 100% renewable electricity, but Bulb also donated £5 to the Tree Council for each new member during the period September 2015 - March 2016.

Where does Bulb source its renewables?


Bulb is committed to supplying 100% renewable electricity and supporting independent renewable generators. We have direct relationships with renewable generators to purchase their output, and purchase renewable electricity in the wholesale market to cover any shortfall from these generators.


Switch to Bulb

Bulb is one of the only 100% renewable electricity suppliers in the UK. By switching to Bulb you get:

• The lowest cost 100% renewable electricity tariff in the market

• 10% green gas at a minimum if your home is dual fuel

• No carbon emissions for your electricity

• And we donate £2 per switch to Trees For Cities