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Launched in 2019, Bulb Foundation reflects Bulb's belief in the power of business for good and supports projects that fight the climate crisis.  

That means two things: slowing the progress of climate change, and helping people already dealing with its effects. 

And it demands thinking globally. So we work with projects, ideas and organisations at an early stage in their development to help them scale, replicate and carry out their work across countries and governments.

We're funded by Bulb

Bulb fights the climate crisis too, only with different tools to the Foundation. A certified B-Corp, Bulb provides affordable, renewable energy to homes and businesses across the UK, and abroad, supporting the transition to low-carbon energy.

Every time a new member switches to Bulb, £2 is donated to Bulb Foundation to help do more.

We're an independent foundation

And as such, we're regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our Foundation Director Allison Robertshaw and Board of Trustees set our strategic direction and decide what we should fund.

From left to right, our trustees are: Bulb's co-founders, Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka, Sophie Pullan, Alex Edwards and Amal-Lee Amin (not pictured).

Bulb Foundation is a charity registered in England & Wales (registration number 1183235). Its registered office is 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TQ.

Bulb's first year of grantgiving

In May 2020, Bulb Foundation began making grants to organisations around the world trying to stop climate change. To learn more about our strategic focus, the impact of our first year of grantmaking and what we're looking towards in the future, read our Director's Annual Letter.

We support projects fighting the climate crisis

We don't accept unsolicited applications for funding. Instead, we develop projects with partners that fit our strategic approach. Here are some of the ones we're currently supporting:


An independent climate change think tank working to speed up the world's transition to a low-carbon economy. As experts on climate diplomacy and energy policy, they build the broad-based coalitions necessary to deliver a safe climate, bring impartiality to an extremely polarised discussion, and hold policymakers to account on their promises. 

Carbon Tracker Initiative

An independent financial think tank carrying out in-depth analysis on the impact of transitioning away from fossil fuels on capital markets and potential investment.

London Climate Action Week

An annual event for London's cultural institutions, policymakers, community experts, academics and researchers to explore new ways of moving to a net zero carbon world.

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

An initiative to phase out fossil-fuel production, and fast-track progress towards safer and more cost-effective solutions. It seeks to deal with carbon emissions at source, recognising the need for international agreements and law to effectively and fairly leave large swathes of remaining fossil fuels in the ground.

An international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all.


Both ENDS works with partner NGOs across the world to put an end to export credit agencies funding fossil fuel projects that often benefit investors at the expense of people in the Global South.


Based in Mexico, GFLAC works to ensure that financial flows in Latin America support green and sustainable development through increased transparency and advocacy.

Energy Unlocked

By utilising data and exploring demand flexibility, Energy Unlocked is helping cities decarbonise their energy systems and help them meet their Net Zero targets.


Through investigations, targeted communication and public campaigns Re:Common holds governments, corporations and financial institutions to account to ensure that people and the planet come before profit.

Sustainable Finance Institute Asia

An independent institute established to catalyse Sustainable Finance policy ideas, as well as propel action in support of those ideas in Asia, particularly through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It aims to act as a one-stop centre for Sustainable Finance through collaborations with governments, regulators, banks, industry, academia and NGOs.


A newly born, innovative, independent climate and energy think tank based in Italy. Its strength relies on its ability to influence key policy decisions through high-level access. ECCO's staff brings together a cutting-edge team of practitioners with ample experience working in Governments, public institutions, civil society and think tanks.

Coalition to turn the Federal Reserve Green

A coalition to get US financial regulators, who currently provide little support for climate-related disclosure or regulation and continue to support the fossil fuel industry, to actively hasten the clean-energy transition. This work will be done by a coalition led by that includes Public Citizen, Americans for Financial Reform, Evergreen Action, Democracy Collaborative, Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE), Sierra Club, Sunrise Project and Friends of the Earth.

Contact us

We'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch by email at, or by post at Bulb Foundation, 155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TQ.