Where does my energy come from?

We think it's really important that you know where your energy comes from. Where we can, we buy 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas from a number of independent renewable generators from across the UK.

We also work with trusted partners, like SmartestEnergy who work with their own community of renewable generators. We purchase certificates from those partners which guarantee that for every kWh of energy our members use, a kWh of green energy is put onto the grid.

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Ardtornish Estate

Ardtornish Estate, Morvern
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Why is it special?
It rains a lot in Morvern. 90 inches a year in fact. But rather than moan about it, this site has harnessed it to produce energy that doesn't damage the environment. Not only does this beautiful site provide clean electricity, but the owners are also focussed on strengthening fragile communities through local wealth generation and community funds.

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