The switch takes 21 days from start to finish

This includes a 2 week cooling off period. It only takes 2 minutes to set up and we’ll do the leg work from there. Your energy supply will be uninterrupted throughout. Read more.

You don’t need to tell your old supplier about your switch

We get in touch with them to arrange the switch date. We pass on your meter readings so they can close your account. Read more.

Your first monthly payment will be taken when your switch completes

Upfront payments let us be smarter when buying energy, so we can pass more savings onto you. Read more.

We need your opening meter reading as your switch completes

Up to 5 days either side of your supply start date is OK. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you. We pass this reading to your old supplier so they can close your account.

Old suppliers can take up to 6 weeks to issue their final bill

We send on your meter readings as soon as you send them to us. They go through third-party checks, so it can be 2 weeks before your old supplier has them. Read more.

You can choose your monthly payment date

After you’ve made your first payment, you can choose the day of the month that we take payments online in MyBulb.

How do I read my meter?

Meters come in all shapes and sizes. If you need a hand reading your meter, including smart meters, you can read our guide.

You can switch to Bulb with a smart meter

At the moment, we’ll treat your smart meter like a normal meter. You’ll be asked for regular meter readings, which are really quick to enter on MyBulb. Read more.

We’ll roll-out smart meters from January 2018

We're waiting because the current generation of smart meter makes it harder for people to switch energy supplier and keep the smart functionality. Which isn’t good. Read more.

Make sure you use your friend’s referral link

Follow the link from your friend and you’ll be guided to their page to quote and set up your switch. We’ll credit you both £50 when you switch.

We’ll pay your exit fees

If your old supplier charges an exit fee, don’t worry. Email a copy of your final bill showing the exit fee to and we’ll credit the amount to your Bulb account. Read more.

Our energy is green

We make sure that every unit of electricity you use from the grid is replaced by a unit from a pollution free renewable source. In addition, 10% of our gas is green. Read more.