100% renewable electricity

We supply all our members with 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas. When you switch to Bulb, we make sure that for every unit of electricity you use, a unit is produced and put on the grid by a renewable source like Oak Grove Solar Farm in Monmouthshire. In addition, 10% of our gas comes from biomethane. That's gas produced from organic matter like sewage and manure - which is then reinjected onto the grid (minus the smell).

A birds eye view of Old walls farm, one of our renewable electricity generators
A photo of Miles and Gale, the owners of Old Walls Farm, one of our renewable electricity generator.

Independent generators

We buy our energy from independent renewable generators from across the UK, like Gail and Miles from Old Walls Hydro in Dartmoor. Wherever possible, we have direct relationships with these generators to purchase their output. To cover any shortfalls, we purchase renewable energy on the wholesale market. Our energy sources vary from solar and wind to hydro or anaerobic digestion. They're a pretty impressive bunch, our generators.

The best kind of energy

Which do you choose: energy that harms the planet or energy that doesn't? Exactly. 100% of Bulb's electricity is renewable, and 10% of our gas is too.

Every year, the average Bulb member saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. That's the same as planting 655 trees.

Source: Data provided by Electricity Info, an independent energy information site

A Bulb energy specialist turns, smiling to the camera, in our naturally lit and bustling office.

Trusting your energy supplier

For us, giving great service is first, last and everything. We're chuffed to be rated 9.4/10 with over 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot.

One low tariff for all. Phew

Too many energy companies confuse customers with lots of complicated tariffs. We like to keep things simple.

With Bulb's single tariff, you know you're getting the best possible price for your energy. In fact, we're one of the cheapest suppliers on the market, renewable or not.

Source: Data provided by Energy Helpline, an independent energy switching site
Based on typical annual consumption of 3,100 kwh electricity and 12,000 kwh gas in the Eastern region

Only 2 minutes to switch and we'll take care of the rest

A dashing chronometer

Leave it to us

We'll let your supplier know you're leaving. All you need to do is send us a meter reading.

A light bulb

You'll always have power

Your energy supply will never be cut off while you're switching to us.

A sterling pound symbol

We'll pay your exit fees

If your old supplier charges you for leaving, we'll refund you.

Keep on top of your energy

Understanding your energy usage helps you to lower your bills, so we make it easy for you.

Keep on top of your energy with your Bulb Account. Sign in online, or download the app. You can track your usage, submit meter readings and check your balance.

And as part of our Community you can chat with other members and share ideas about Bulb. Including how we can improve - we know we're not perfect.

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Doing the right thing

As a certified B-Corp, we meet the highest social and environmental standards. For every new member that switches to Bulb, we donate £2 towards Edible Playgrounds by Trees for Cities, a charity building vibrant, outdoor spaces in inner-city schools.

Photo shows children playing in the edible playgrounds that are made possible by Bulb's donations to Trees for Cities.

Only 2 minutes to switch and we'll take care of the rest

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