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When your smart meters are installed, your engineer will also offer you an In-Home Display (IHD). It’s a small electronic device with a screen on one side, which tells you information about your energy usage. You can find out how much gas or electricity you’re using right now, in pounds and pence, or kilowatts (kW). And you can investigate previous months, to see how your usage has changed over time.

There are two types of IHD available for Bulb members.

Chameleon IHD6

This is our standard In-Home Display. It has a white case and a resistive touch screen. You can connect it to Wi-Fi using the on-screen keypad, and there's a built in tutorial to get you started.

How to use your Chameleon IHD6

Using your Chameleon IHD6 with a smart top up (prepay) meter

Trio II Accessible

This is an accessible IHD, designed with RNIB, offered to our members registered as blind or partially sighted on our Priority Service Register. It includes text-to-speech, 6 tactile buttons with positive feedback, and 3 separate LEDs to clearly indicate current electricity consumption.

How to use your Trio II Accessible

We’re installing smart meters for our members

Smart meters are part of a nationwide upgrade to the energy system. There are lots of things that make smart meters so clever, for example:

Automatic meter readings - your energy usage is sent straight to your Bulb account

More accurate statements - wave goodbye to estimated bills

See your energy in pounds and pence - use your IHD to track live energy use

If you haven't got your smart meter yet, find out more.