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Bulb is the biggest green energy company in the UK

Labs is a team within Bulb that develops new products that can have a significant impact on its mission.

Labs has the same mission as the rest of Bulb but not, initially, its technical limitations.

Labs brings cross-industry knowledge to life with trials and works with external partners to learn about emerging technologies that can transform the life of its members.

An electrical vehicle plugged to a charging station

We are working on:

  • Paying members for the energy they export at home
  • Reducing energy bills for members who charge their electric vehicles at home
  • Lowering bills for businesses investing in electric vehicle chargers
  • Helping employers to support their workforce as they move to greener forms of transport
  • Simple and effective battery and solar panel management

If your company's working on similar challenges and you think we should chat, email us at

If you'd like to get involved in our experiments, research and trials, we'd love to hear from you. Just tell us a bit about yourself.

Projects from Bulb Labs

Smart EV charging

We're working on solutions to help you decide when to charge your EV so that you pay the least amount of money when the grid is at its cheapest.

We're working with smart meter company EDMI to trial the next generation of smart EV chargers in 2020. If you have an electric vehicle or are thinking about getting one in the next year and want to take part in this trial for 100 households across the UK.

Smart tariff

We worked with our members to develop a smart tariff that would let you save energy depending on the changing cost of energy throughout the day. Most tariffs hide this, meaning you pay the same amount for energy no matter the actual cost. Our 3-rate smart tariff reflects that demand, meaning your energy costs less at certain times of the day, and is even cheaper overnight. It's designed to make the cost of energy transparent, and to save you money.

Export payments

The government's Feed-in Tariff scheme (FIT) finished on 31st March, so we're going to create our own product to pay people who export energy to the grid. The first step is to create an 'alpha'. This is a trial version for 50 members that helps us work out all the kinks.

Carbon bot

The amount of renewable electricity on the national grid changes minute by minute, depending on things like the weather. This means some times are greener than others to use electricity. This dynamically generated Twitter account shares daily insights with members to help them reduce their carbon footprint.