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We want to help people lower their energy bills and their carbon emissions. To do that, we sign up as many people as we can to affordable, renewable energy. So we work with sales teams up and down the country.

You may have met one of them on the phone, at your local supermarket or at your door. Sales techniques like these can have a bad reputation, but we’re determined to do it better and in a way we can be proud of.

We stick to three main sales principles 

All our Sales Advisors agree to our sales principles before working with us. They are:

We'll be honest and transparent

We don't hide stuff or make things difficult to understand. We'll describe things in plain English and you won't need a degree in Energy Management to understand anything. 

We'll always be respectful of other energy suppliers

We want you to join Bulb because you like what we're doing. We won't try to convince you that your current supplier isn't good enough. We'll simply explain why we think you should switch to Bulb, so you can make an informed decision.

We'll never pressure you into joining Bulb

We want you to feel comfortable you've made the right choice. That means having all the information and time you need to make a decision. 

We might contact you directly about our energy

We only call if you've said we can

You might've ticked a box when entering a competition or offer recently, or told someone you'd be happy to hear about energy deals. Your information is then stored by a specialist data company, who provides our sales teams with the numbers they can call. Our privacy policy explains how we look after the information about you. 

Our representatives always wear an ID badge

If you're not sure someone approaching you works for Bulb, ask to see their ID badge. It'll have their full name, photo and unique Bulb ID, a combination of letters and numbers that's 6-8 digits long. An example of one is "DS1234". Email a photo of the ID to us at and we can verify it for you.

We know it might not be possible to take a photo right now, while we're all keeping our distance. So please ask the Sales Advisor for their full name and Bulb ID instead.

Find out how we got your details

If you want to know how we got hold of your number, email us at As soon as we get your request, we'll do everything we can to find out and get back to you within 2 business days.

We'll contact the data company to find out how they got your details and what information they hold

The data company typically responds within 1 business day

We'll do all we can to let you know within 2 business days

We want your feedback

Selling our service in this way is new to us, and we're keeping a close eye on how our teams get on. So if you've met one of our salespeople, we'd love to know how it went. Let us know on

If you feel like they haven't met the standards we've set ourselves, then please email us on Here's more about how to make a complaint.