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Smart Pay As You Go Trial - Terms and Conditions

While this is a legal agreement, we have tried to write it in a way that is clear and easy to understand. If there’s anything you’re not sure about in this agreement, please get in touch with our Member Support Team. You can find our contact details at

Note: the information in this agreement relates to our Smart Pay As You Go Trial. Our standard Energy Terms and Conditions still apply for the duration of this trial.

  1. Tariffs

    1. The Smart Pay As You Go beta trial tariff is based on Bulb’s traditional prepayment (top up) tariff. That’s the tariff for members with prepayment (top up) meters, who pay for their energy before they use it.

    2. When you participate in the trial you may spend more on your energy due to the difference in unit rate between our credit and prepayment tariffs. You understand that Bulb will not reimburse any extra costs incurred during the trial.

    3. You will opt into the beta trial by replying to the email with the subject line ‘We’re ready to start your PAYG trial’ which explains that we’re ready to change the mode of your meter from credit to Pay As You Go.

    4. These new terms and conditions and the tariff will be in effect for 30 days, starting on the day that we have offered to switch your meter from credit to Pay As You Go.

    5. Once the beta trial has ended, which could be at the end of 30 days, or earlier if you request it, you will switch back to your previous Bulb tariff, unless you have asked to continue with Smart Pay As You Go.

  2. Payment

    1. You will be able to top up at any PayPoint store, by signing in to your Bulb account online or by using the Bulb app.

    2. Your participation in the trial means you have confirmed that you are able to reach your meter safely and easily, to manually enter top up codes.

    3. Once you’ve paid to top up, if your smart meter doesn’t register the credit automatically, you agree to add the credit manually, by entering a code directly into your meter. If you are unable to input the code for any reason, you agree to let us know by calling 0300 30 30 365 or emailing

    4. Bulb uses Stripe as our payment service provider. 

    5. Bulb will have access to your meter top up history, including the location of Paypoint stores you have visited to top up.

    6. You agree that Bulb will pause any existing Direct Debits you have with us for the duration of the trial. 

    7. Any debt built up during the trial will be transferred to your Bulb account once the trial ends. If your account has negative balance, you understand that our normal methods of recovering payment will apply.

  3. Continuity of Energy Supply

    1. Because we’re in the testing phase, network outages or technical issues with the meters may cause top ups to fail. When this happens, we’ll let you know in your Bulb account and app, and do our best to fix it, such as by giving you a top up code, as quickly as possible.

    2. To help make sure your home doesn’t run out of gas or electricity during an inconvenient time, your meters will offer ‘Friendly Credit’. This means your meters won’t switch off if you run out of credit between 8pm and 8am on weekdays, or during the weekend or a bank holiday.

    3. We can change your meter to or from Pay As You Go mode remotely. We don’t need to visit your home.

    4. If Bulb has a service outage and can’t communicate with you or your meter or meters to top up, you agree to top up your meters in any PayPoint store, using the Bulb top up card.

    5. If in-store top ups fail to reach the meter, you agree to enter the 16-digit number on the front of the receipt into your meter or In-Home Display to activate the top up.

  4. Service

    1. There will be a dedicated member service team to answer your questions throughout the trial. This team will operate during Bulb’s normal working hours: 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

    2. You acknowledge that we may ask for information including your address and payment history to solve any issues with the service.