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Let's get smart about green electricity

We're testing a 2 rate tariff that could save you money. With a peak and off-peak rate, it reflects the true cost of energy as it changes throughout the day. To switch tariff, you must be a Bulb member with a second generation smart meter (SMETS2). We'll check we can read your meter and, if we can, we'll get cracking with your switch. There's a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. And just so you know, if we installed your smart meter, it's definitely SMETS2.

Better for your purse and the planet

Our smart tariff reflects the real cost of energy when you're actually using it. And using half-hourly readings, we can give you a detailed look at your daily usage. Understanding more about the way you use energy makes it easier to spot ways you can save – like shifting more of your usage to off-peak hours.

And if you've got an electric vehicle, you can charge it off-peak, when electricity is cheapest.

Energy costs change when there's more demand

In the same way train tickets have peak and off-peak pricing, energy costs change throughout the day. The more people that want it, the more it costs.

Some things we do at home use a lot of electricity, like running the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher. If you are currently using these appliances during peak hours, and you could shift your usage to off-peak times, the smart tariff could save you money.

This chart shows peak times during Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). During British Summer Time (BST), peak times are 5pm to 8pm.

Signing up is easy

Just apply and give us consent to measure your energy usage every half-hour. If you have the right kind of smart meter, we'll get to work with your switch. And there's always a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. At the moment, the smart tariff only works with second generation (SMETS2) meters. And because this is a beta, we're only signing up a small number of members to help us test it.

Smart tariff electricity rates

RegionOff-peak Rate
pence per kWh
Peak Rate
pence per kWh
Standing Charge
pence per day
East England12.7525.2520.56
East Midlands12.4924.9919.00
North Wales, Mersey & Cheshire13.7926.2918.74
West Midlands12.7925.2920.41
North East England12.7025.2022.53
North West England12.7025.2019.59
North Scotland13.5526.0522.50
South Scotland12.6525.1520.56
South East England13.3125.8120.01
Southern England12.6825.1820.64
South Wales13.5726.0719.16
South West England13.8526.3520.09

All prices include VAT at the applicable rate and are rounded to 2 decimal places. These will appear differently on bills and statements. During the weekend, the peak rate does not apply. Timings are based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Peak times are 4pm to 7pm, and change to 5pm to 8pm during British Summer Time (BST).