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Make your heating smarter, and the world cooler

Save your energy with a tado° smart thermostat.

Illustration of a smiley radiator wearing glasses.

Get 35% off

a tado° smart thermostat

Control your heating

from your phone

Never heat an empty home

Smart heating adapts to your routine

Take charge of your radiators

We know what it’s like. Getting the heating to come on (and go off) at the right time, in the right rooms can be a home chore bore. Not to mention if no one's home.

Luckily, a tado° smart thermostat makes it easy to keep your heating in check. And it can reduce your heating bills by up to 31%, too. That's a win for the planet, and your pocket.

Get a smart discount

We’ve partnered with tado° to offer Bulb members a discount on the latest smart thermostat kit. That means you can get started with a smarter heating system for only £129.99.

Find your unique discount code in the 'Member perks’ section of your Bulb account. Then enter your code at checkout to get 35% off smart products on the tado website.

The legal bit

  • All products in this offer are sold by tado° (officially named Tado GmbH), which is a separate company to Bulb. 

  • Bulb receives a fee when our members make a purchase from tado°.

  • Your unique voucher code will get you 35% off the RRP of smart products on tado°’s website. You can use the code once and the discount will apply up to £500.

  • Your purchase will be subject to tado° terms and conditions, which can be found on their website.

  • So you know, we might change or remove this offer at any time.