Our (one) tariff

We're not one for complicated tariffs.

When things aren't simple, it's hard to keep track. It's hard to make changes. That's why people tend to pay too much (about £250 a year too much), but stay with the same provider.

And if you haven't switched for a while, that could be you.

We think that's a tad unfair. So we've done something new. 
Something... simpler.


We offer our members one, single tariff for electricity and gas. It's one of the lowest on the market - renewable or not.

We don't even charge exit fees.

How do we do this? We use cutting-edge tech that keeps our costs low. And we only partner with companies that do the same. 
And honestly? We just make lower profits than our competitors. Then pass the savings onto you.

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Annual Dual Fuel cost (based on London area)
  • Bulb 100% renewable
  • 'Big 6' standard tariff
  • Others