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The price you pay for your energy depends on where you live. Enter your postcode to find out your tariff details.

How do you pay for your energy?

Fair prices that stay fair

We're not ones for complicated pricing. Our variable plans reflect the true cost of energy. And we don't do fixed contracts or exit fees, so you'll never pay more just for sticking around.

We offer a fair price, green energy, nifty tools to manage your account and speedy support when you need it. We think of it as great value for money, which is why we don't hide how we stack up against the rest of the market.

Source: Data provided by Energy Helpline, an independent energy switching site
Based on typical annual consumption of 2,900 kWh electricity and 12,000 kWh gas in the Eastern region

Reflecting the true cost of energy

Too many suppliers tease customers in with low fixed tariffs before moving them on to an expensive standard tariff a few months down the line. We don't think that's right. With our single, 'Vari-Fair' tariff, you know you're always on our best possible price. And that price reflects the true cost of energy. When wholesale energy costs move, so does our tariff. If they go up, we work hard to limit increases to our members and always give 30 days notice. And if they go down, we quickly pass those savings on to you.