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We're installing smart meters for free

Smart meters are being installed by every energy supplier as part of a nationwide upgrade to the energy system.

There are lots of things that make smart meters so smart:

  • Automatic meter readings

    Smart meters take your readings, so you don't have to

  • See what you're spending

    Track your live energy usage with your In-Home Display and get charts in the app

  • More accurate statements

    Wave goodbye to estimated bills

Usage chart screens from the app and a photo of an In-Home Display

Check your eligibility and book an installation in minutes

You'll have a safe, hassle-free installation

It takes around 2 hours for an expert engineer to do the installation. They'll remove your old gas and electricity meters and replace them with smart meters. And to keep everyone safe, they'll be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), including a face mask and gloves.

What to expect on installation day

Engineer visiting the member's property illustration

See how much energy you've used in the app

A big perk of having a smart meter is being able to understand more about your energy usage. And we've built charts in the app showing how much energy you've used, and when. So it's easy to spot any unexpected spikes, or opportunities to save on your bills.

Usage chart screens from the app

Every smart meter comes with a screen

An In-Home Display (IHD) is a gadget that connects to your smart meter to show how much energy you're using. It's useful for understanding more about where your energy goes and setting daily, weekly or monthly budgets for gas and electricity.

Find out more about what IHDs can do

A photo of two In-Home Displays

You'll be helping the UK grid get greener

Smart meters help suppliers to forecast demand and source greener energy for the grid. So, as well as some pretty nifty home benefits, they're an important step towards managing our national energy better in the future.

Find out more about the benefits of going smart

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Check your eligibility and book an installation in minutes

Smart meters in more detail

We've answered some popular questions about smart meters in our Help Centre.